Q: How old do you have to be to drive?

A: You must be 16 & older for the ATVs, 18 & up with a full license to drive the Ducks or Buggies. No exceptions.

Q: How many passengers fit in my vehicle?

A: Our buggies can seat 2. Our Mucky Ducks can seat up to 4 (or 950lbs) and there are no passengers on the ATVs.

Q: How long is my experience going to take?

A: The Mucky Duck experience is about one hour. The ATVs are two hours from start to finish including safety briefing & safety course. The buggies are 5 laps of our 2 mile course, which most complete in under an hour. Our introductory Archery lesson is an hour and a half. Clay Shooting takes around 1 hour. Fishing is available for either 4 or 6 hour trips.

Q: Do we have to go through the safety briefing if we are experienced riders?

A: Yes. We take safety very seriously and anyone coming onto the property must attend so you know exactly how we work and what we expect, as well as what you can expect during your ride.

Q: How fast can we go on our experience?

A: Different experiences move at different speeds with various factors such as weather, terrain, experience and others in the group, etc. Safety is always our primary concern in everything we do, so we don’t focus on ‘top speeds’. We ride at a speed we feel the guest is capable and comfortable with. That being said, The Mucky Ducks while capable of over 20 mph, don’t usually need to travel at that speed, considering the terrain, and ATVs and Buggies move at various speeds according to the factors listed above.

Q: What should I wear and are there showers/changing rooms?

A: You want to wear clothes you aren’t worried about getting dirty as well as close-toed shoes. If you are riding the Mucky Ducks we recommend a hat and sunglasses. Helmets and goggles are provided for ATVs and Buggies. We do not have showers available so bring swimsuits and take a dip in the lake to rinse off.

Q: Is it safe if I am not experienced?

A: Yes. Most of the people who come to see us are inexperienced. All experiences come with their own personally tailored safety briefing with a guide who will also familiarize you with your equipment. If you can drive a car, you can drive our equipment but if at any point in time, you feel you are unable to operate it or are at all uncomfortable, let our guides know and they will help you.

Q: Do I need reservations?

A: Yes, we are open 7 days a week and require reservations to ensure we have the necessary amount of vehicles and team members at your disposal.

Q: What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

A: In the unlikely event your vehicle breaks down, your guide will make sure you are safely brought back to the reception area and placed on new equipment, if applicable.

Q: What if I have an accident?

A: Unfortunately, accidents can happen and while we cover the cost of any breakdown related repairs, you will be responsible for any and all damages from your accident you will be offered medical assistance and asked to pay before you leave the property a deposit for repairs.

Q: Will I see any animals?

A: There is always the possibility of seeing Florida’s native birds such as Egrets, Woodpeckers, Wood Warblers, White Tailed deer and possibly Vultures, Tree Frogs, Bass, Spiders, Snakes and maybe even Alligators.

Q: What if I do not want to drive?

A: If you would like a guide to drive you, let us know when you make your reservation. If you just want to come and watch others in your group feel free to hang out under the shelter.

Q: Can we switch drivers along the route?

A: You cannot switch drivers on the ATV but you can switch once during the Buggy or Duck rides as long as the driver is qualified and is at least 18 with a full license. The guide will tell you when it is safe and possible. Tell the guide before you set off and they will assist you.

Q: Should I tip the guide?

A: Tipping is customary throughout Florida, and if you have a great time with us, it’s an awesome way to thank your guide for their hard work. Of course, tipping is always at your discretion, never expected but always appreciated 15% is around the normal amount.

Q: Can I bring food on to the property?

A: We do not sell food other than snacks and soft drinks. You can bring a simple picnic if you wish but no BBQ;s or alcohol whilst you are using any of our equipment.

Q: Can I bring my own vehicle and use the trails?

A: You may not bring your own vehicle to use on our trails.