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Revolution Rentals at Bone Valley ATV Park

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Revolution Rentals

Revolution Rentals is set in the ATV park of Bone Valley ATV park in Mulberry.

Polk county.has developed 200 acres of well-maintained and established 15 trails for off road riders to enjoy. There are trails to suit those wishing a leisurely drive to the most advanced off roader, open riding areas and hill climbs for dirt bikes. There is a small entry fee charged by Bone Valley.

Revolution Rentals office is set just inside the park entrance and has a number of different options of vehicles for hire. Reservations are preferred but walk-ins are welcome.

ATV 420 Honda Single Seat

This good sized Honda 420 fully automatic Rancher model is superb for trail riding. An ideal utility ATV for both new and experienced riders. Must be 21 years or older to rent this vehicle but you need be only 16 years of age to drive it. Parent or Guardian must be present to drive this single seat ATV.

Can Am 2-Seater

This fully automatic  Can Am 2-seater ATV is a great way to enjoy the trails together experiencing the thrill of ATV riding.  Built with a comfortable second seat on the back you should be  a minimum of 48” tall and able to sit up right unaided. A great trail riding machine for the adventurous family. You must be 21 years of age with a full license to drive with a passenger.

Can Am 2-Seater Buggy

The Can-Am buggy allows a side by side experience for a driver and a passenger. Passengers must be over 48″ in height and be able to sit upright unaided with their feet on the floor of the vehicle.

Yamaha Wolverine 800 4-Seater Buggy

The Wolverine 4- seater buggy is an exceptional experience for the whole family. This is a comfortable ride with a smooth and powerful twin-cylinder engine. You must be over 21 years of age with a full driving license to rent the vehicle and passengers must be able to sit upright unaided.

Honda Dirt Bikes

Choose from 125 cc or 250 cc. These well proven dirt bikes from Honda are suitable for seasoned and novice motorcyclists alike. In order to ride one of these bikes you should complete the safety training course. (available on line). If under the age of 21 years a parent or guardian must be present to complete the rental agreement.

Riders of the 250cc must be a minimum of 5’9″ in height and a maximum of 6’^’

Riders of the 125 cc must be a minimum of 5’0″ in height and maximum of 5′ 6″

Youth Yamaha Raptor ATV

This raptor is for the younger rider but they must be between 8-11 years of age to ride and at least 4’1″. The maximum height is 5″. Riders must wear boots over the ankle and a DOT approved helmet. Parents should accompany younger riders at all times.


# Reservations are advisable.

# You must be in possession of photo I.D. Telephone images are not accepted.

#  Minimum age for rental is 21 years of age. 

# A security deposit is required upon rental.

# The trails are subject to restrictions and time slots for use.

# Vehicles must be cleaned when returned to reception.

Our philosophy is, the safer you drive the more fun you will have on your ride.

  • We offer real time adventure in a safe and secure environment. We have always socially distanced and have always practiced frequent cleaning and sanitizing, now we are talking about it. Have fun Stay Safe and “get dirty”
  • Every person visiting the property is required to sign a waiver release form whether taking part in an adventure or not. It is a legal document and should be read carefully before you sign. Our full Terms and Conditions are available here: Terms & Conditions
  • The method of payment that you used to make your reservation, whether voucher or credit card, must be presented on arrival. Please note we do not accept digital copies of credit cards or I.D.’s. The credit card used for purchase and the person on the card MUST be present.
  • Gratuity is not included and is acceptable at your discretion. We respectfully suggest 15% per person.

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About Revolution Rentals

We are a unique off road adventure rental company set inside the fabulous location of Bone Valley ATV park. 

Our aim is to offer the best value for money in real time entertainment. Our mission is to provide the best quality guest service.

 The vehicles we offer for rental will always be clean in good working order and safe. 

Contact Info:
Phone: (407) 505-8905
Email: [email protected]

10427 County Road 630 W.
Mulberry, FL 33960

Hours By Reservation
Open: Friday through Monday
Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Summer Hours: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (June 1 – Sept. 30)
Winter Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Oct. 1 – May 31)
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas

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