• The Adventure will last around 1 hour including safety briefing
  • Each guest must be able to sit unaided in in their own seat; safety belts are fitted
  • All guests must have completed and filed a waiver release form prior to arrival
  • The adventure travels over uneven tracks and trails and pregnant women should not ride this vehicle
  • The adventure is off road – you may get dirty


This family ride takes place in our specially adapted Deuce-and-a-Half Army truck, an 8 wheeled truck with 20 seats up top for a bird’s eye view of the 220 acres of property including the crystal blue lakes, treetops and the chance to spot some local wildlife.

The Myakka has the ability to drive over all types of terrain. Although not designed for speed, it can handle the tracks and trails we have with little effort but our terrain is not flat and can be very bumpy at times.

To ride in the Myakka you must be able to sit upright unaided and will be required to wear a seat belt.

As you travel around the trails, our guides will point out areas of interest, local animals if they are around, and of course the “Myakka Man’s” favorite hideouts. Keep a careful watch for his bright red eyes shining from the woods his footprints and his lair.

We have a canopy but the sun may get in your eyes so sunglasses may be a good idea. The Myakka is fun for the whole family and a unique addition to a birthday party for all ages.

You should be prepared to get dirty….MAYBE VERY DIRTY!