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Mucky Duck Experience

  • Including the safety briefing this whole experience lasts around one hour.

  • To Drive the Mucky Duck you must be a minimum of 18 years with a full license and valid photo I.D.

  • Children ages three years and up can ride as long as they are able to sit unaided.

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We’re guessing that you have never heard of the “Mucky Duck” before, unsurprisingly as it is commonly known as an “Argo”an 8 wheeled amphibious vehicle. It can seat up to 4 guests. One driver over the age of 18 with a full current driving license. Three additional passengers over 3 years of age. The combined total weight of a group per duck is a maximum of 750 lbs. (54 stones)

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Duration: Please allow 1 Hour for your experience,
Skill Level: No experience required to drive but must be over 18 hold a full current driving license and valid photo I.D.
Driver only: $95.00 + Sales Tax ($104.03)
Driver and one passenger: $140.00 + Sales Tax ($153.30)
Driver and two passengers: $185.00+ Sales Tax ($202.58)
Driver and three passengers: $230.00+ Sales Tax ($251.85)

Gratuity is acceptable at your pleasure we suggest 10% per person.

Safety equipment is included but “be prepared to get dirty maybe very dirty” Closed toe shoes are required and old clothes recommended.   

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Mucky Duck Track and Trails

The Revolution “Mucky Duck” is one of the only places where you can self drive this 8 wheel vehicle. Frequently used on the sand dunes of New Zealand this versatile amphibious vehicle is one of the family favorites as it can tackles all types of terrains.

Revolution property has some great views of the Floridian Countryside and in this vehicle, you can view it from the land as well as from the lake. You may even get to see some of the native wild life too.

It is an all season, all weather vehicle so rain or shine it is operational.

Mucky Duck Experience

Revolution Off Road in Orlando Florida is the only place where you get to actually drive “The Mucky Duck” this unique vehicle is an Argo an amphibious vehicle that travels over our tracks and trails as well as drives across the water.

Because of its ability to travel over various terrains this experience offers  great views of the Floridian countryside from all angles. You may even get to see some of the native wildlife too.

It is an all season, all weather vehicle so rain or shine it is operational .

Driving The Mucky Duck

Remember to bring clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, a sun hat and some sun glasses. We will take some photographs of you during the ride so be sure to check them out before you leave.

Frequently Asked Questions


You must be at least 18 years of age with a full license and some form of photo drive a Mucky Duck.

We recommend passengers be age 3 and up. As long as passengers are able to sit unaided on a bench seat they can ride.

The whole experience will last around  one hours, including the safety briefing.

The Mucky Duck, is not designed for speed but rather more for fun.

You should wear old clothes as you will get dirty they are not called “Mucky Ducks” for nothing. You should also wear some closed toe shoes to protect your toes. Shorts are perfect if the weather is hot and of course sun hats and sun screen.

Yes you do need a reservation we only have a limited number of vehicles on the trails at any one time so a reservation is always necessary.

You will follow our guide around the property and he will guide you through the trails.

In the unlikely event that the vehicle stops your guide will call the reception center and l make arrangements to collect you from the trail.

The trails are set amongst some of the best of the Floridian countryside, we have all types of animals on the property and you may see some of them.

If you do not wish to drive yourself then make sure you tell us when you make your reservationwe can arrange for one of our guides to drive you at a small additional charge.

Of course please tell our guide if you want to switch drivers and he will find a safe spot for you to do so. Only qualified drivers may drive

The Mucky Duck has four seats in each vehicle. Each group will have their own vehicle we will not add others to your group.