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Revolution Off Road Archery Tag Experience

  • Archery lessons take 90 minutes.

  • Archery Tag including the lesson and game will take around 1 hour.

  • Suitable for guests from 8 years of age.

  • Qualified game Referee

  • Games require a minimum of 4 guests to play.

  • Maximum number of guests per team is 10 guests

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Archery Tag is a fast-growing sporting activity. Suitable for age groups from 8 years of age and up and is a great team building activity

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Book Your Archery Tag Experience

Archery Tag Experience


Archery Tag is a family-friendly, yet competitive game that consists of players using bows and foam tipped arrows to tag one another and target. It is a unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball and other combat type games with the skills of archery.

We use authentic Archery Tag S.A.F.E. Archery equipment that has been specifically engineered by the inventors to provide a fun and safe experience. Players take aim at each other with non-lethal arrows to score points to eliminate opposing team members. Our Archery Tag 5 spot knock out target adds an exciting dimension to the game play.

Revolution Off Road has a designated course laid out with obstacles to hide behind each game is monitored and supervised by our Referee. All equipment is provided which includes the face masks and arrows bows and score cards.

Our full trained referees will ensure that you understand the rules and restrictions for a safe playing course.

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Archery Tag Experience

Archery tag is sometimes known as Combat Archery. Grab a bow and get in the game on our outdoor premium course. You will be using foam arrows to tag the competition and take out their targets.

No experience is necessary to play this game so whatever the age or experience level you are bound to have fun. If you haven’t played this game before no worries there will be a practice session before beginning your game session.

Teams can have as few as 4 guests or as many as 20 the field of play is clearly defined, and the rules will be explained by the coach and referee.

Frequently Asked Questions


You need to be over 8 years of age to take part in the Archery Tag

The entire game experience including instruction and safety briefing whether 4 -or 10 guests will last around 60 minutes. Each half of the game will last around 10 minutes.

Safety equipment of face masks bows arrows will, be included in your game price.

You should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, enclosed toe shoes and remember you will be playing outside on the grass, so we suggest not your favorite t-shirts.

We will never put you in a game with highly skilled players if this is your first time. Our coach will ensure you know how to fire the bow.

We will try to put you with other same age/level guests looking for a game.

Absolutely families have amazing experiences in this game you can shoot as a single team against another family or split the family and have some fun.

Well truthfully it depends on where you get hit, you may wish to wear a protective padding in some areas. Most people are more surprised when struck by an arrow.

Players line up at the end of the field with a bow in hand and one foot on the end line. When the referee indicates game start, players run to the neutral zone to grab as many arrows as possible (without snatching from another player who already has possession).

Reservations are always required especially for the weekends.

It has been our most popular experience for young and old birthday bachelorette and anniversary parties.
Call our coordinators to find out how to tailor make your party or corporate event.