How old do I need to be to take part in the Archery Lessons?

You need to be over 7 years of age to take part in the archery lessons.

How long does the lesson last ?

The lesson lasts around one and half hours to complete this will include general range etiquette and safety rules.

Is all equipment included?

Equipment you will need to shoot the bow is included in the price.

If I have a bow can I bring it to the lesson?

Yes if you have your own equipment please bring it with you and we can check it out to see if it suitable to use on our range.

Can I use the targets without an instructor?

If you are an experienced archer then by all means join our club and you can use the range whenever you wish to.

What should I wear for the lesson?

We strongly advise loose fitting comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes.

I have never used a bow before, is this for me?

We will ensure that you are given as much training as required but please tell us when you reserve if you have never shot a bow before.

Are reservations required?

Reservations are always required.